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Summer with a sting in the tail

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

(Queen wasp removing dead wood from an old fence post to make her nest)

What a lovely, long summer. 2018 will have definitely broken a few records. Wasps seemed to be in record numbers too, depending on where you live. But believe it or not no records broken here. According to recent studies the opposite is the case. You may well find this news very pleasing after all who needs wasps anyway? Wasp = pain and fear.

A question I hear time and time again is what is the purpose of a wasp? After all they don’t make honey or pollinate flowers do they? wrong. Okay, they don’t produce honey but they are a highly valuable pollinator and key player in the ecosystem. Without wasps we would loose many of our fruits and flowers. A great example of this is the fig wasp. The relationship between figs and fig wasp is amazing. Neither the fig nor fig wasp can complete their life-cycle.without each other.

There are countless others examples of this relationship around the world.

Wasps unlike bees are Omnivores not only feeding on sweet nectar but also feeding their grubs with other insects such as aphids, black fly, green fly etc this benefits the farmers by keeping these sap-sucking insects in check.However our most common wasp Vespula vulgaris and the German wasp Vespula germanic have suffered major losses, the most likely cause being the increased use of pesticides. This means a double blow to the wasp population, poisoning them and the insects they rely on to feed their young.

As a responsible pest control company we have to look at the bigger picture, the environmental consequences of using insecticides The days are gone when a pest control technician delivers a lethal cocktail of insecticides as a matter of course. Ask yourself a few simple questions 1, are they wasps? They could be bees or hover fly 2. Are they a direct danger to you or the general public? 3. Is there actually a nest or are they just simply attracted to a certain food source or nesting material? Of course wasp nests will have to be destroyed if they pose a direct threat to someone’s health. Let’s be clear on this. The wasp sting is a little painful at best but can also be very serious or even life threatening.

By now queen wasps will have vacated their nests ready for hibernation. All of the remaining female workers and make drones will die off, their time on this Earth is done.

The whole life cycle will start again in late February, early March when the sleeping queens awake in search of food from early flowing plants and trees. So if you see an early wasp buzzing around in your home, let it out, let it live and play its part.

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