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The Pests

Identification is the key to success!

As experienced qualified professionals, we can control a range of pests including:

Most common pests: Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Moles, Rabbits, Foxes, Bed Bugs, Wasps, Fleas

Other common pests: Ants, Moths, Beetles, Flies, Spiders, Birds, Woodworm, Mites, Cockroaches, Booklice, Silverfish

Any of the following could indicate a potential pest problem: 

  • Noises in the loft: Rat, Mouse, Squirrel, Bird

  • Noises beneath the floorboards: Rat, Mouse 

  • Odours in voids, eves cupboards, beneath floorboards: Rat, Mouse, Squirrel

  • Tracking over beams in the lofts: Rat, Mice

  • Damaged electrical wiring, wood or pipes: Rat, Mouse, Squirrel

  • Chewed and shredded paper/material damage: Rat, Mouse, Squirrel

  • Droppings in void spaces or around wall/floor junctions: Rat, Mouse, Squirrel

  • Damaged, contaminated food, or disappearance of food: Rat, Mouse

  • Tracking and burrows in the garden: Rat, Mouse, Rabbit

  • Soil mounds in the garden: Moles

  • Bare patches, pupal cases, grubs in the carpet: Carpet Moth/Carpet Beetle

  • Bites usually on the lower leg: Flea

  • Bites usually on the upper body: Bed Bugs, Mites or Mosquito

  • Ink spotting on pillows, headboards, bed frames: Bed Bugs

  • Small circular holes in timbers: Woodworm (2mm)

  • Large circular holes in timbers: Death Watch Beetle (4mm)

Pests are not a nice thing to have on the property, they can be a nuisance, they can sting/bite and some will spread disease to humans. We have the experience, knowledge and equipment to effectively manage any pest problem, whilst adhering to BPCA guidelines and current legislation.

If you would like advice, why not call us on 0333 600 6005 and you will be forwarded to one of our pest professionals for advice. 

The Prevention

How can we stop them getting in?

As part of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Eradipest place a strong emphasis on pest prevention, before considering other means of control such as pesticides or traps. The pest control industry has changed dramatically over recent years, which has implemented new ways of working. No longer can pest professionals approach a pest issue with the mindset that bait is the only solution.

As active members of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticides Use (CRRU), we are aware of the environmental impact we can have on the local wildlife. Along with more and more legislation being brought in, we need to be conscious of our practices and ensure we are doing things in a safe and respectful way to the nature around us. 

Eradipest will carry out a detailed survey of the property, to determine what pests are present and where they came from. If practically possible, we can carry out preventative proofing work to ensure that the problem does not happen again. 

Our extensive range of preventative services and products include, but are not limited to:

  • CCTV Drain surveys

  • Minor drain repairs, one way valves, rodding eye fitting

  • Rodent mesh, hole filling

  • Rabbit Fencing

  • Bird netting and spiking

  • Electric Fly Killer Installations

  • Insect Monitors

  • Wasp Domes

  • Fly and Insect Screens

  • Debris clearance and removal.

  • Nest and harbourage removal.

  • Hygiene cleans.

  • Guano removal.

If you require preventative services, speak with one of our friendly team and we will be happy to help. 

The Treatment

When all else fails...

After the pest has been identified and the preventative measures have been considered, we may need to apply treatment to eradicate the pest. This could simply come in the form of a trap, strategically placed to capture the pest, but in some circumstances, pesticide will be required.

Traps are the first option to consider when controlling a pest. It eliminates the need for pesticides and is environmentally friendly in most circumstances. If traps are used, in all cases this needs to be done in a safe and humane way. However, there may be some instances where traps will be ineffective or unsuitable to eradicate the problem. If this is the case, we need to explore other options. 


There a various formulations of pesticides containing different active ingredients that can be used effectively to eradicate pests. However, in order to work out which pesticide to use, we need to know which pest we are dealing with. All our technicians proactively attend training courses and will hold (or will be training towards) a BPCA Level 2 Award in Pest Management. This provides our technicians with the knowledge to be effective and provide our customers and clients with a high level of service. 

Pesticides need to be used with extreme care. Careful and safe placement is paramount in order to safeguard non target species. As professional pest controllers, we can ensure that all safe practices are adhered to, in line with current legislation. 

To be successful, the correct quantity should be used to maximise the desired control of the pest and at the same time, minimise the possibility of treatment failure. 

We take great pride in all our work. With our experience in pest control, we will endeavour to solve your pest problem.

The Service Agreement

Do you have an ongoing pest problem? Would you like it managed?

There are circumstances when long term pest protection could be required. We offer domestic and commercial contracts to help control ongoing pest issues when pests cannot be prevented. 


The following could apply:

  • The property is old or poorly maintained 

  • The location of the property has environmental elements, that encourage pests into the area

  • The presence of stock, that is vulnerable to pest attack

  •  A business requirement for pest prevention and monitoring

  •  Meet the requirements for accreditation (SALSA, BRC etc.)

We can offer competitive service agreements to suit the needs of our clients. To deliver this service, we will carry out structured inspections from 1- 12 visits per year. This can be tailored according to the vulnerability of the property/premises, the pests involved in line with financial constraints. 

Please call us on 0333 600 6005 for more information.

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