About Us

Our History...

Eradipest was started in 1998 in and around the Chichester area, West Sussex.

Having been involved in horticulture for many years, there seemed to be a constant need for pest control of one sort or another, particularly in private homes and gardens. Typically this involved Ants, Wasps, Moles, Rabbits, Rats and Squirrels.

A course in pest control was taken and passed at Warwick University in 1998, followed by successful certification with the BPCA.

Initial work in the first year included: mole control in the lawns of domestic gardens, wasps nest eradication, and rabbit control work, which included a certain amount of rabbit proof fencing, ferret work, and shooting.

Pest control work did not become a full-time career overnight. The work was fitted in around garden maintenance and landscape work. Over the next 2-3 years the work built up following recommendations, and a certain amount of advertising. This included Checkatrade.

As the business grew, a larger, secure storage facility for stock and equipment was built. Further courses to increase knowledge were taken. One employee helped with the pest control workload on a part time basis in the formative years. The company had grown sufficiently to employ one full time technician in 2008. By this time we were dealing with all pests in both domestic and commercial situations. 

Since 2008 the business has been steadily growing. We now have four full-time technicians and one full time office administrator. A new office on the premises was built early 2017 and is now in full use for both the general admin work, and for staff training using the online training portal.


Our Approach...

Eradipest has been built on good foundations. Our approach is to provide an efficient and effective service to our customers at the right price. We are particularly focused on pest prevention. This is the key to good pest control. After all, If we can keep the pests out, there may be no need to use pesticides at all, and in turn this will have less impact on the environment.


Every job brings new challenges, and as a team, we take great pride in solving the more demanding problems even if it requires additional work over and above the agreed schedule.

In addition to customer service, staff needs and training are very much a high priority. By investing heavily in this area, we aim to achieve a high standard of work and increased staff and customer satisfaction.


Our Area...

Our catchment area has also grown to include clients in Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and more recently London. We are always happy to discuss pest problems no matter where you are.

Our Future...

Moving forward, the business will continue to grow and progress in a strong and measured way. Investment in new technology

has strengthened our pest control capability, to provide innovative solutions to pest issues. We will adapt to the ongoing changes within the industry and will actively work with the BPCA to meet the requirements of increasing legislation. 

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Registered Office: Eradipest Ltd, C/O Rowdens, 2 Dukes Court,

Bognor Rd, Chichester PO19 8FX

Registered in England no: 03694943 | VAT No: 925039529

Business Address: Eradipest Ltd, Rosemead, Queens Avenue, Chichester PO19 8QB

Tel: 0333 600 6005 | Email: help@eradipest.co.ukFind Us

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