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Typical Pests

Eradipest Ltd deal with many species of pest infestation. The pest control areas we cover include Chichester, West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey. Some of the more common pests that we provide treatment for or get rid of are:

Rats, Mice, Grey Squirrels, Wasps, Fleas, Ants, Carpet Pests, Gulls, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Moles, Rabbits, Spiders, Bees, Foxes, Flies, Cluster Flies, Woodworm, Birds, Pigeons, Seagulls, Silverfish, Termites, Beetles, Rodents, Roaches, Mosquitoes, Flying Insects, Garden Pests, Moths, Mites, Lice, Booklice, Weevils, Grubs, Maggots, Caterpillars.

Some are nuisance pests, whilst others may pose a serious health hazard, and may: spread disease, bite through electric cables, water and gas pipes, bite or sting people and pets.

Pest removal, extermination, and preventative measures may be proposed to ensure you remain pest free.

Ant Silhouette


The commonest species that invades houses and business premises is the Black Garden Ant, which is actually very dark...

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Bed Bug Silhouette

Bed Bugs

A common pest once associated with unhygienic surroundings, is now prevalent due to increased travel and therefore spreading the...

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Cockroach Silhouette


Cockroaches carry and spread various human disease organisms. Their habit of walking over and feeding on putrefying waste materials,...

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Flea Silhouette


Fleas are considered to be vectors of disease. They can remain dormant in buildings over long periods, emerging and..

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Rat Silhouette

Rats and Mice

Both rats and mice cause damage to buildings and materials. e.g. Food, stock, packaging materials, pipework, electrical wiring, insulation,...

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Wasp Silhouette


Wasps are large, conspicuous buzzing insects with yellow and black striped, wasp-waisted bodies, 10-15mm long. They have a sweet...

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Pigeon Silhouette

Feral Pigeons

Feral pigeons foul buildings and monuments. The acidic droppings erode brick and stonework. Gutters and drainpipes may become blocked,...

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Fox Silhouette


Foxes are more of a nuisance pest. Complaints are made about the noise from their screaming and barking, digging in...

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Mole Silhouette


The most important type of damage is due to mole hills, which are not only unsightly on amenity and...

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Rabbit Silhouette


Damage can result from digging and feeding activities. In extreme cases, rabbits can undermine embankments and structures resulting in...

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Squirrel Silhouette


Deliberately introduced to this country sometime in the 19th century the grey squirrel has since spread throughout most of...

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