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Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Pests can manifest themselves in all sorts of places in your home, from rodents living in your loft space, through to wasps living in your garden shed. Whatever your pest problem is, it can be a stressful experience and also pose health risks to you and your family too, so it’s important the pests are dealt with properly and efficiently.

At Eradipest we offer a wide range of services for our residential customers to ensure their homes are a safe and pleasant place to be and remain that way too.

Pests like rats and mice, simply love to find their way into a residential kitchen where there’s food readily on offer. They are incredibly agile and can wriggle their way in through the tiniest of holes, finding their way into your home and causing destruction as they go. It’s not just unpleasant knowing that you have something crawling around your home, but it can be a real health risk too, as rats and mice carry diseases in their urine and bodies that is transferred to humans on contaminated areas. Also they have been known to chew through wires, gas and water pipes, which can be a fire risk.

Another common blight in residential properties is the black ant. These creatures are incredibly organised and have a real sweet tooth, so they will head to anywhere they can find food. Due to the vastness of an ant army it can be incredibly difficult to find the source and eradicate them effectively once they have invaded your home.

Other areas that are a haven for pests are loft spaces. Usually infrequently visited by humans, pests such as squirrels, rats, mice, birds and wasps or bees can make nests in the loft space and you may not even know it, until they are well established. Lofts are usually warm, dry areas with the security that these creatures love. If you have an infestation in your loft from any pests, it’s always the best course of action to contact the professionals. They will not only deal with the infestation, but can also help you with preventative measures against future invasions too.

Whatever the pest infestation, Eradipest can help you solve the problem. We use humane and environmentally safe methods for extermination and eradication where possible, to keep your home pest free.