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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Pest infestation can occur anywhere, and are a common issue facing business owners in the United Kingdom. There are a wide number of pests that plague businesses, from rats in and around restaurants, to moles damaging golf courses and sports playing fields.

These unwanted residents don’t just pose a nuisance, but they can also have serious environmental issues, such as carrying diseases, which poses a threat to staff and clients.

At Eradipest we have a small team of experts, who are fully trained and qualified to deal with all manner of pest infestations and provide customers with a personal service.

As a business, it is necessary to adhere to certain health standards and practices to maintain fully operational and safe, particularly if you work in the food industry, hospitals or hotels. Having pests in your property can make it an unpleasant and unsafe place to work and also cost you valuable business.

Some common pests that are attracted to these types of businesses are mice, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs and ants. These are all unsavoury types at the best of times, but they are particularly fond of areas where food is kept or disposed of. They can wreak havoc if left unchecked, with rats and mice happily chewing through most things, from food packaging to wires, spoiling foods and causing damage that can be a fire risk. Pests can contaminate any area they frequent with diseases from their urine and carried on their bodies e.g. Salmonellosis, Typhus, and Weil’s disease.

Not only do food related industries suffer from pest infestations. All of the above can be present in any type of commercial property as long as there is a viable food source for them to feed and breed. Loft space, heating ducts, boiler rooms, warehouses, and waste disposal areas in any business are the perfect place for pests to thrive and cause costly damage as well as a risk to humans.

Externally, sports facilities and agricultural businesses are prone to pest infestation from moles, rabbits and squirrels, which can churn up lawn areas and ruin crops.

If you have a pest problem, or simply want to prevent any future problems, then Eradipest offers a fully comprehensive service for commercial pest control, pest eradication and prevention, keeping your workplace pest free.